Two years ago, James Whittle and Tom Caulfield were ordinary men, working 9-5 jobs, training to keep in shape and enjoying socialising at the weekend. One day, they jokingly said to each other that they should do something meaningful and challenging, something to break up the daily grind. This seed grew into the idea of rowing across the Atlantic Ocean unaided. Having never rowed a day in their lives, the challenge wasn’t just about surviving the journey, it was about learning a whole new discipline from scratch. 3,000 miles and 54 days later the pair had completed something extraordinary, unleashing a lust for adventure with a different perspective of life.

Knowing their boundaries and believing that anything is within reach with the right training and preparation, the duo have took on a new challenge with LifeProof: on September the 25th, James and Tom set out to tackle Europe’s highest mountain peak – Mont Blanc, France.

To begin their expedition on Mont Blanc the team tackled the highest peak in Italy, they learned a lot about themselves, their unique abilities and the challenges involved in taking on a giant like Mont Blanc. Understanding now that they can’t take an adventure like this for granted they prepared for the big climb. Check out this edit from the team as they tackled Gran Paradiso and learned some valuable lessons prior to taking on The White Mountain.

Gran Paradiso was a big learning for us. We had bought some lunch the day before to eat during the summit attempt, but stupidly left it at the bottom in the rush to leave at 5am. We managed to reach the summit without too much trouble, but on the way down we both completely ran out of energy. The last 4 hours of the descent were incredibly tough, as we tried to battle exhaustion and dehydration. When we reached the refuge hut at the bottom, we collapsed in bed immediately. Rookie error!
- @TheTempestTwo

The pair are ‘Living Proof’ that everyone is capable of incredible feats.