Slack-lining has become synonymous with the adventure lifestyle and is no longer reserved for the circus. It’s an activity that can be done by all and has some incredible health benefits, from a full body workout to mediation, and allows you to get out into nature and take that well needed break from the 9-5. It’s a tool that can travel with you to any destination and level to your ability, be that breaking a world record by slack-lining across the grand canyon or just pushing your boundaries in your local park.

All you need to begin your slack-lining adventures is a basic kit and two points to anchor to, generally two trees are the preferred option. We don’t recommend stringing up any old piece of rope, it may work for a few hours of play but when that thing snaps, and it will snap, you might end up wearing an eye patch.

Don’t rush into this, start low with a 10 – 15 foot line set up just below your knee, this is just enough to be challenging without the huge drop. Shed your shoes and socks and step up onto the line. You will be shaky when you first set foot on the rope, to get your balance right we recommend holding a branch above you to support & practice switching legs as you get a feel for your footing then move onto taking steps one foot right after the other, using your arms in the air for balance. Then all you need is lots and lots of practice and soon enough you’ll be ready to tackle some challenges. For some inspiration check out the current world distance record by Lukas Irmler.