Team LifeProof’s FMX athlete Luc Ackermann crashed out 9 weeks ago during practice and picked up a huge injury to his femur. To put that into perspective: an injury like this usually puts athletes out of action for up to 6 months, but Luc is hopeful for a faster recovery.

It was a tough time for the high-flyer to pick up an injury. There were two events left in the season which were open for him to increase his positioning and show the world that he can compete with the best before the season finale. Unfortunately, all of this changed for Luc with an awkward landing during practice, but he is now on a road to recovery.

Displaying huge passion and determination to recover and come back better than ever before, Luc is working hard with his physiotherapist and in the gym to ensure that his body is ready for the new season. We chatted to Luc to see how he’s feeling.

It feels like I haven’t been on the bike for a year.

I miss that feeling after a good run so much… The moment when you know you have given it your all and survived to ride another day.