The talented Bastiaan, Willem and Bob Sizoo have been killing it on Instagram as they explore some of the most spectacular sights on the planet. What makes them unique is their creative collaboration and ability to capture each location in their own very different way. It is almost a rivalry between the brothers as they push each other to the always take their work to the next level, adventuring and capturing each location through their unique style.

We sent them on an adventure of a lifetime to Chamonix, France to explore the winter wonderland to put our FRE for iPhone 7 to the test. The guys picked up some really great tips to help take your photography to the next level, check them out below:

The camera on the latest iPhone 7 is super! The cameras on phones keep getting better and better. They are the perfect accessory to bring on any adventure. Paired with the LifeProof FRĒ for iPhone 7, we didn’t have to worry about the elements and we were free to #LiveLifeProof.

The Golden Hour

We find the perfect time to capture photographs is during the golden hour after sunrise and before sunset. This provides the perfect lighting for any shot. After these hours you really need to get creative and try to use the light to your benefit. We always head out if there is a fog or a mist, because the water in the air picks up the colours of the sun.

Use Two Hands

No matter if you’re shooting landscape or portrait be sure to use both hands and keep in mind that the shutter doesn’t capture the image until your finger/ thumb is removed from the shutter button. This will make sure your photos are always sharp.

Capture, Capture and Capture some more.

The iPhone 7’s camera is super quick and has some amazing features. Be sure to test them all out and capture as many photos as you can for each situation. The great thing with the iPhone is that you can quickly review all your shots and pick your favourites, so the work flow is so easy and intuitive.

Avoid Zoom

The iPhone isn’t made to compete with the high end DSLRs and the digital zoom can really affect the quality of your end photo so don’t be afraid to get in close to the subject you wish to capture even if it means that you’ll get wet or dirty. You have your LifeProof case so you’re sorted. Plus, if you need to zoom in on a subject, just crop the shot when you’re happy with it.

Sense of Scale

Always try to include a person or an object in your frame to give the viewer a sense of scale.


The iPhone has some great apps available that can compete with Photoshop and Lightroom. Our favourite is Snap Seed, but be careful not to over edit. Only edit what is really needed as you don’t want to fully manipulate the image and ruin the end result.

Some great tips from the Sizoo Brothers to help you to tackle your own adventure and share #LivingProof. If you have any more tips be sure to share by leaving a comment below.